1) I am thankful to have landed. Being homeless sucks bigger than I imagined. This is not a permanent home but I am here now and I am safe and I don’t have to pack my things up in the morning and take them with me to a place I am not sure of. In the last few years I have learned to respect homeless people for their ability to survive; I now know more than I wanted to know. I am blessed because we had resources enough to stay in motels and have one good meal a day. So many don’t know what this feels like because they have forgotten and to them, I tip my hat. They are resourceful, brave and stronger than I have had to be.

2) I am very thankful to Love Overwhelming who has helped us find resources and made connections easier for us so that Karen Gidderon and I can have what we need to be safe and productive.

3) Because stress makes you dingy, and now I know that I have what I need right now, I can be more focused and I know that our next home will permanent and we will be independent. I can also see my best friend, business partner and spouse is feeling this and is happy to bound out the door in the morning to do her sales calls and is back to her creative, inspiring and exuberant self.

So here is the time to tag 2 people: Jamie Holloway & Linea Elken please consider playing this game. For 5 days please share 3 things you are thankful for…Let’s spread some positivity! — feeling thankful.

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