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In September we had the pleasure of learning about a wonderful group of individuals that have an amazing goal. Helping families affected by Reactive Attachment Disorder to bond and grow strong.

Family Challenge Camps helps families through The Challenge of living with children who have difficult behaviors. Grief, pain, discouragement and desperation often make it difficult to cope with the needs of these special children. Families who have children with RAD often feel isolated as they hope for healing from the trauma that brought them to where they are now.

When we met Aimie Apigian, M.D. we were impressed by her drive to help families learn new ways to communicate and interact while they fuse bonds and strengthen trust between parents, hurting children and the healthy children in their home. They are always working to provide more Resources to these families and families like them.

As we learned about their team and also about the families that not only get healing but also come back to help other families, we were excited to donate a logo and website for this dynamic group.

Family Challenge Camps

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