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Early in September we bought a new digital camera. We had gone to Woodland for a meeting with Jay at The Fat Moose and had stayed behind to finish our drinks and chat. In the fun environment Karen was inspired to be silly and I thought that was the perfect opportunity to play with the video capabilities on the camera…

It was so hilarious that I had to post it on Facebook.  The other day got this email from one of our followers:

A girlfriend and I checked out The Fat Moose last night for the taco feed…2 for $1.00…such a deal!  The atmosphere was packed with people taking advantage of the deal…so loud you could hardly hear yourself talk!  Great for the owners, lots of business.  We had Kimmy for our waitress, she was awesome, loved her!!!  Will defintely go there again and try out some of their other specials!  Thanks for the video that promoted them…you got me there!!! – Debra Lawson-Bean


Since we got this message Karen and I have been invited to The Fat Moose with other people who want to experience it with us…I sent this message to Jay so he would know that even a impromptu video was a good video…What an illustration!

Unfortunately I thought the video was kind of  a joke and didn’t keep the file after I uploaded it to Facebook…Joke is on me now! But you can still see it on our Fan Page as well as other raw clips from community events…Check it out! http://facebook.com/exclaimmediallc

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