Spring is a time for new beginnings and we have had several at Exclaim Media, most of them very recently.

As I sit here and breathe in the air, infused with OnGuard, Ylang Ylang and Lemon oils…hoping my allergy attack will take the hint and then take a hike, I think of all the EXCLAIMATIOUS things that have happened in the last 3 months:

  • We helped Living Ministries with their last three fundraisers: Christmas JOY Telethon 2013, Helping the Helpers Benefit Concert and Furry Fundraiser Tea Party.
  • I lived through a 4 day stay in the hospital because I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity for medical attention earlier. Thankfully my best friend and partner in most things, Karen never left my side…so it wasn’t so scary…
  • Karen and I have made a few more healthier changes to our lives because we understood that the warning signs that burn out was on the horizon were getting bigger…
  • We have launched a new website for a business with quite a legacy in Longview…but that is a different blog entry… 🙂
  • We also got a new handheld camera that Karen has named Thomas and since she sleeps with him under her pillow and takes him everywhere she goes, we should have some exciting footage to share soon…
  • We also have been giving face-lifts to some of our regular client’s websites…one of which is Angel Wings Rescue (we will tell you about the other site soon).
  • We took time off to help Angel Wings Rescue move into their new ranch in Cathlamet. They are not totally moved in, but it isn’t easy to move that many cats and dogs. We are anticipating their Open House in May 2014!

With a move came the need for a brighter, happier website and updated business cards and flyers! Yahoo!

As the flowers pop through the ground and you begin to carry kleenex around in your pocket, what new changes are you anticipating for this most beautiful time of year? Contact us today to tell us what you are EXCLAIMING!

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This is Summer, signing off!

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