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In the month of May we stop for a moment and remember those who have paved the way for our life today; many who gave even their life for what they believed in.

I asked Karen what her first thought was about Memorial Day, which falls on Monday May 26, 2014. She said:

The first thing that comes into my mind when I think about Memorial Day are veterans that have fallen…and then I start to think about people, who I personally have lost, and how important it is to remember these people. Now we have memories and those memories are great. Those memories are so priceless….

It has been awhile since I wrote anything for our readers and clients and a lot has happened. Since the beginning of February I have been healing from an illness that landed me at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital for 4 day. The miracle is that my condition has lived with me for about 10 years and it could have killed me, but it didn’t and I can even boast that my God has blessed me with tremendous healing. You could literally watch my body heal by the hour while at the hospital and a stay that most people make for 10-15 days was over in only 4. Since then I continue to amaze my friends and doctors with the continued improvement that would have taken much longer if my life were the norm.

This part of my life is worth a memorial day, as the pride that kept me from asking for help and trusting in people died so that I could live and live more abundantly. I have to give all thanks to my God and best friend who never left my side and always had 6 positive things to say when I started to doubt.

How does this fit into marketing?

Marketing is merely a memorial of what you intend to do in your business or organization or group and shouting your intensions to anyone who is interested. Exclaim Media prides itself in our ability to convey the true heart of our clients in a website that is available 24-7 to sell for you and maintain your online presence…but our first love is video.

Video is something you can hold onto. You can have it on a DVD or online and it is so great to get those stories in a format that can be shared and passed on. As we just shot a wedding this last weekend and plan to begin capturing the stories of an amazing woman on video to share with her grandchildren, we are inspired to reach out to you and ask: Have you told your story?

Whether it is an instructional video or short promo of your services or something personal, like capturing your grandfather telling his life story in his own words so that when he isn’t here you can remember how amazing he was, Exclaim Media wants to EXCLAIM you. We are currently working on virtual tours for The Monticello Hotel and considering the value of video inventories for insurance purposes. We would love to talk with you about how to capture the moment to place on your website or Facebook or a DVD that you can share with your clients or family.

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words but video is worth at least 10,000. Contact us today at 503-396-8664 to see how we can EXCLAIM you.

What are other ways you can memorialize your business or life? Let us know by commenting below or Contact us for more information.

This is Summer, signing off!

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