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At Exclaim Media Video & Marketing we believe in having dynamic marketing! We encourage people to order the smallest amount of business cards and flyers they think they will need because we know that the minute it has been printed might be the minute it is out of date and at least their days are numbered.

The same goes for us…however…I am sure you have heard of the hairdresser whose own hair gets left undone…For over a year I had been thinking we should update our look. Although our website looked pretty cool, there were limitations to what I could do easily and I also wanted to create a more polished look. I finally knew I was going to have some time once I completed the facelift for Christmas JOY Telethon and their new flyers and I was glad to have found a theme I was inspired to customize for us only a few months before…so it was finally time to crack open the site and see what we would come up with. We had been wearing the same theme for about 2 years and I had taken it as far as I could imagine. It was time.

I am pretty happy with this site and actually plan to grow with it, instead of planning for another facelift…but we are artists here…we can change our minds.

…It was also fun to update our individual business cards too…

We really enjoy doing facelifts on WordPress Websites and we do it pretty quickly and economically.

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