In June we had the pleasure of working with Desiree Ouellette, owner of Holos Yoga to improve their website. Their website was attractive but a little one-dimensional; meaning there wasn’t a lot of growing it could do. Desiree had the programs and the training to update her website but she didn’t feel comfortable do a lot to it. She had good webstats but she didn’t know it.

Building a great website that is both attractive and user-friendly AND finding the time to keep building it is hard when you are working hard at what you do best. Desiree has lots of clients that will rave about how she has inspired them and accepted them. She gives both group and private classes and she puts her whole heart into it. She even maintains a gorgeous studio that is inviting and thoughtful of her clientele. She is doing everything right…which means she didn’t have a lot of time to devote to her website.

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So over coffee…or kombucha…depending on which time we met at ZoJo Coffee, we listened to what she wanted. We listened to who she is. We listened to who she wants to be and it was very easy to give her a website that says it all and can grow with her.

We could continue to tell you what we think…or we could share with you what she said:


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Summer and Karen are professional, caring and very kind.

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I will have to think about some people 🙂

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Exclaim Media were very professional and friendly to work with.  I was so excited when Summer and Karen showed me my new website for Holos Yoga!  Summer knew exactly what I wanted.  I highly recommend Exclaim Media for Web Design or any advertising needs you may have.  You really cannot find anyone nicer than these two beautiful ladies!

Name: Desiree Ouellette
Company: Holos Yoga
Email: We try not to list email addresses on our websites to avoid spam. Click here to Contact Desiree at Holos Yoga

Would you like to say anything else?

I am pretty sure I now have the nicest web site out there because of Summer at Exclaim Media!!!

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