You are so much bigger than myself

Drowning in communication 

Caught in the chords that we’ve confused

I am straining to hear You

but the addresses are new while the links look unchanged

Critics have had their say 

The constant wailing and lamenting

has captured thousands of hits

But only You know what I am mourning

The information I have depended on 

cannot be found

You see my creation and documented the keywords

I have worked hard to maintain a user-friendly site

but the pop-ups have led me astray

Will You tell me where I am going?

The polls are in and the adware has been effective

My arms are exhausted from constant hacking

You are the one that connects the parts of me You made

while the marketing continues to mix

The slideshow is entertainment while I wait 

for the entire page to upload

A glitch in the database 

stops my head from speaking to my feet

while technicians install Your latest update

There are 3 empty chairs at this station even though You never leave 


The fine print clarifies that You are always refining

My code is always being updated

I look forward to being newer and better when You are done

as silver purified in a furnace on earth 7 times

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