Although the concept of a Marketing Mix was coined in 1948, we still see people in Kelso/Longview, WA that don’t understand what you are talking about when they hear that phrase because we are so print oriented. There are many that are starting to come around but we believe that business owners in our area have taken a long time to latch onto this idea because we didn’t believe we were big enough to be able to take advantage of a marketing mix that includes video like a large corporation that has been using commercials for decades.

When you think about the small price of video, compared to print in the newspaper, that is a one time shot, as opposed to a commercial or instructional video that can be viewed on your website or played on cable which has a much larger reach, the cost of video is very economical.

85% of communication is visual. Video is more personal than print because you can show people who you really are.

Technology has allowed us to be able to be right up there with a large conglomerate like McDonald’s because many of us already have a presence online via our websites. By placing your personal video presentation on your website and other social networking sites not only are you making yourself more easily seen, you are also possibly reaching a much larger audience.

The fact that websites are available 24-7 allows people to see your business at any time, even while you sleep. When you see that newspaper subscriptions are at an all time low and that many newspapers have moved to entirely online presence, this should tell you that your business not only needs to be online but also needs to have good quality video to work for you, even when you are not available.

The term marketing mix was coined in an article written by Neil Borden called “The Concept of the Marketing Mix.”

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