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Perusing Facebook yesterday I found this wonderful message from one of our clients. I am so touched that Debra makes sure to tell others about us and encourage us to keep going strong, EXCLAIMING the best of our clients!

LOL! Just found this on Exclaim Media’s website! What wonderful people you are Karen and Summer! You two have recorded so many amazing moments filled with love!!! Bless you both for the way you take care of Angel Wings Rescue and promote our rescue through your personal media services! YOU ROCK!!!!

In our book, Debra ROCKS!!!

Working with Debra at Angel Wings Rescue Animal Shelter is always a pleasure! Her love for all the animals is so refreshing! Debra Lawson-Bean is the rescue facilitator and the one who gets to do most of the dirty work! She uses the profits from being a Mary Kay Consultant to pay for food, kitty litter, vet bills and more. She has a few Benevolent Angels that regularly support this ministry but could always use more!

Debra’s husband Glenn is also a huge supporter! “Daddy” brings home a lot of the 120 lbs of food that is consumed by the rescues at Angel Wings, EACH WEEK.

There is no shortage of love found at this special place. You can’t even tell the House Pets from the animals that are up For Adoption. They play together and take care of each other. It is always a blast to visit Angel Wings Rescue!

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The blog that Debra shared was one we did about a Connect the Dots Episode we did about her rescue. Click here to read They Call it Puppy Love!

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