Terms of Service

During public and private events that Clemenson Enterprises, LLC may be capturing film we will attempt to make signage  available or other forms of communication to convey to you that we are working.

If you would like to avoid being captured on video please seat yourself to the right of the performance or presentation. For extraordinary circumstances please contact us to arrange a viewing to ensure that your image is not part of productions that are presented either publicly or privately. We will be glad to arrange a viewing to make sure you are represented or not represented to your standard, with the approval of the owner of all footage.

Footage captured by Clemenson Enterprises is owned by the party that hired Clemenson Enterprises to film an event. Although we will keep copies of all footage, we will not sell footage or allow viewing of footage that is represented in a manner that is deemed unfit by the owner. If the owner of any footage produced by Clemenson Enterprises has agreed to make copies available for sale you may purchase the owner-approved footage at the cost Clemenson Enterprises makes known to you. Please do not attempt to purchase other footage through us, but have the owner of the footage contact us, if they agree that you may have any other version of their footage.

Please Contact Us with any questions.

Thank you!

Clemenson Enterprises, LLC

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