Imagine it. You are carrying around 30 lbs of equipment. It is really hot. You forgot to bring any water. You shutter as sweat rolls down your back. But you are having a great time! There is music, laughter, yummy food smells and pirates yelling, “ARG!” The number one thing that made it all worth it was…that’s right…men in kilts! Old and young men alike sporting their tartans. Pull your chairs up and get comfy because we made it to Highlander Fest 2013!

Whether you were there to join in the Highlander Games or learn more about your Scottish roots there was fun to be had by all.The clans were there enjoying each other and telling stories. We found someone giving sword fighting lessons and the bag pipes were exhilarating, whether they were on fire or not!

When we arrived we found The Vancouver Pipe Band warming up under some trees which really set the stage for us. We enjoyed music by Men of Worth on Saturday and came back on Sunday to enjoy The Wicked Tinkers with our friends (minus a camera…so you wont see them this year). We shared a shaved ice while we listened to great music and on our way out of the park we were accosted by some pirates. Of course they were friendly pirates and they just wanted a bit ‘o green to let their little ones practice their sword fighting while they shared stories about Longview and Kelso’s past.

When Karen’s flask was empty we realized it was time to get on our merry way before she sobered up (Don’t worry, Summer only lets her think there is whiskey in there…really it just apple juice). We are pretty excited to announce that this week’s Connect the Dots is full of healthy Scottish fun!

This episode will air on Tuesday September 17, 2013 on KLTV channel 11 at 8:30 pm. If you missed it either contact them to ask them to play it again. Don’t have cable? Contact us and we will be glad to stream it online for you.

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