The place, Tam O Shanter Park, the time, September 08 and 09, 2012. That’s right people will be talking about this year’s Highlander Fest for many years to come. They will talk about the perfect weather, the great entertainment and of course the great food!

Highlander Fest 2012 started out with a fun walk/run on Saturday morning. Then the parade started in Downtown Kelso and went past the Three Rivers Mall to Tam O’ Shanter Park where people lined the streets and cheered as bands like The Kelso Highlanders Band marched proudly down the street.The LCC Jazz Band made everyone keep time with their stirring rhythms. There were a wide variety of local businesses and local politicians on hand to pass out candy and wave to all of the excited people in the crowd.

One of our favorite things to do at the Highlander Festival is to check the vendors. There were vendors offering everything from t-shirts to Haggis; a tasty Scottish treat covered with gravy!  Yum Yum.

The weather began to heat up a bit and the crowd seemed to grow bigger and bigger. This year we wanted to see the opening ceremonies from start to finish. We were wondering where they would be held and when. We found a super intelligent young woman who was volunteering for the Highlander Festival and she gave us a cool little booklet that offered a schedule of events for both days of the festival complete with local advertisers. All of the volunteers were nice and excited to help answer any questions.

While waiting for the opening ceremonies we enjoyed the Celtic sounds of the musical group, Men of Worth.  Their melodic tones reminded me of the beginning of good old country music. It is amazing how you can feel that connection between the Scottish music and American music. It moves and stirs emotions that are timeless. This was the first day of the Highlander Festival and the fun had just begun!

When we returned Sunday that high-fevered pitch was still in the air and even more people were at the Highlander Festival! The Wicked Tinkers, a musical group from California were making there presence known in a very exciting way by dancing and playing bagpipes and drums and an instrument called the didgeridoo. The gentleman playing it was absolutely delightful! He wore an amazing kilt! He looked not only authentic but super handsome. We arrive and he grabs my business partner, Summer, and starts dancing with her! She loved it! She is very partial to men in kilts. The Wicked Tinkerers were wonderful and kept everyone in a Highlander mood.

If you missed all the Highlander Fun this year, remember, the Highlander Festival happens every second weekend in September. If you did make it to the HIghlander Festival this year then you have great memories of people, food and great music. See you next September!


There was so much great footage from Highlander Fest 2012 that we will be doing a 2 part series on KLTV that will show on October 24th and 31st, 2012. We hope you enjoy. If you miss the show please call KLTV at (360) 636-3310 to play it again or Contact Us to order your copies.

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