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Back when we were producing Boomer Plus Tuesday Radio Show we heard of a guy that had a local show that he streamed live online every week. We were intrigued and invited him onto the show, which turned out to be one of the best radio shows we can remember. Later that evening all our guests met at Minus World and were part of this fun, local, positive, if not silly show!

Fast friends, due to our mutual love for positivity and our community, we have kept in touch. The fact that each week they have an unscripted, live show is just as fascinating as they are.

Ray and Candy had contacted us to see if we wanted to be guests on the show again and we were glad to schedule it into our crazy life. We also wanted to film it and produce it as a Connect the Dots Episode to cross promote each other. With a camera in hand we walked into the new venue for Feet On the Street, Lynn’s Ice Cream Yogurt & More.

We were met at the door by Cody and Candy, who were super excited we showed up. They were quick to let us know that Ray was caring for his father, who was under the weather, and asked Karen if she would host the show.

Being 2 of the bounciest people we know, Summer and Karen stuttered, “Yes. What should we talk about?” Candy was excited to hear about all the EXCLAIMATIOUS events in our life and set us off in the direction of a topic we don’t ever make the feature of any of our shows, ourselves.

In the end, we think this may have been one of our favorite shows, this month…

We would like to thank Lynn Brewer for filling our trunk with coats and clothes and a sleeping bag. Hearts for Homeless was excited to get them and have already found homes for them.

Feet On The Street steams live at every Tuesday at 7 pm PST. You are invited to come to the show and be part of the free-for-all celebration of living in Kelso-Longview at this great burger place in Downtown Longview, WA at 1232 Commerce Ave.

Since their show is an hour and ours is a 30 minute show we cut it in half and it will air on KLTV Channel 11 on Tuesday February 12th and 19th at 8:30 pm. If you miss it, be sure to contact KLTV and ask them to play it again…or contact us to see how we can help you view it online. You can also purchase a full-length copy of the show from us too…

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