Just because a person is down doesn’t mean that they are down and out. Our local Salvation Army truly believes this statement. The Salvation Army has just opened a motel called, 4 The Long View. This motel allows guests to use a voucher to stay at the motel for two week increments.

The guests at 4 The Long View have had various challenges that may make them appear to be down and out but the 4 The Long View program allows them to become resilient. Soon the guests learn to not only survive but thrive!

In this segment, Captain David Davis explains the program and welcomes donations. This show is super high-energy and filled with hope!  You will love this special!

Salvation Army – Longview/Kelso Temple Corps
(360) 423-3990
1639 10th Avenue
Longview, WA 98632 

Want to purchase this show?

Price: $15

Price includes shipping and handling.



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