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At Exclaim Media we have been very busy! We are excited to begin seeing the end of several projects and decided to come up for air. We take each of our clients personally and we enjoy each of our jobs but it is nice to stop and take a deep breath sometimes. We are so behind on blog entries, yet we are not at the point to be able to unveil the newest of our collaborations.

Why are we writing this? We just wanted to touch base with our readers.

Karen has been super busy networking and we have so enjoyed having new people to visit with while we indulge in our daily coffee-fix and as we gear up for another influx it is a good time to stop and take a look at where we are and what the next step is.

This is what all business owners and people that run organizations have to do. We have to pay attention to what our clients are wanting, what the new “thing” is and where we intend to be next week, next month and next year. We believe that you can’t do this alone. It takes a village to raise a child and if you run an organization or business, you probably see that entity as one of “the kids”…at least we do…

Who do you meet with to get new ideas? What company do you like to work with to embark on the path you have chosen? We think you should choose the one that you are the most comfortable with, whether you want your video shot by Crystal River Film and Video, Three Rivers Audio Visual, or Exclaim Media; or your website and marketing produced by Global Images, Lime Creative ServicesomOriginals Marketing, On The Mark, or Exclaim Media we want you to succeed.

We want you to be heard.

We want you to make a profit.

We dare you to communicate!

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