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Claire Beck Radio!

A light and airy sound emulates from the guitar. The voice emits a melodious lyric that hugs your heart. In the front row she smiles at her dad. Claire Beck in concert is an experience everyone should behold.

The first time we saw Claire she was playing guitar and singing back up for Nate Grossman in Transparence. She has come a long way! We have enjoyed listening to her beautiful songs several times and were even blessed with her acoustic performance at a Living Ministries fundraiser that we sponsored: The Bag Party.

Without further adieu, we are proud to bring you the first woman featured in Exclaiming Musicians and a fabulous musician, Claire E. Beck.

How old were you when you began performing?

I started performing in plays when I was 5 and was in several musicals, but I didn’t start playing guitar until I was about 16. I wanted to be able to lead worship and in my mind acoustic guitar was easiest to lead from, my sister already played piano, so we didn’t need another piano player. I wrote some songs and performed them for the first time at open mic nights at intermission. It was great fun!

What artists, family or friends inspire you most?

Hmm, that’s a tough one. My dad always led worship for home groups and church retreats and he taught me how to play. I’ll always be grateful for that. I think my biggest inspirations are any artist who knows they are good, but still gives all the credit to God and realizes its a gift and blessing to be used to bless other people.

Claire, tell us about the song you wrote for you dad?

The song I wrote for my dad was actually the fastest song I’ve ever written. It was the day of his 50th birthday and I didn’t have money to buy him a present, so I wrote him a song. I’m definitely a daddy’s girl and we have lots of fun memories I touched on in the song. Then I added the last verse when I got married, I surprised him again when it was played for the father daughter dance. That was another good memory!

You have performed with the group Transparence and now you are performing solo. Which do you prefer?

Being in a band and playing solo are both fun. I had started working full time and couldn’t ever match my schedule with Transparence, so I decided to go solo. They’re both great experiences. Solo has been great, but some of my songs really sound better with a full band. I’m working on having a full band for my next performance, actually!

You released an EP last year. What’s your favorite song from that EP?

Well, I think my favorite song is the title track Bright New Day, it’s just a very hopeful song that I hope speaks to people about knowing they’re loved, they’re not alone, and they can get healing through Jesus.

I also really like the last song, Father’s Lullaby. It’s really the lullaby I felt God was speaking over me, it says, “There’s no need to worry or fret. Don’t be anxious, just rest in me. I’ll tale care of you, just go to sleep.”

Describe your song writing process.

Songs come to me in lots of different ways. Some just flowed out, like the song for my dad. Some songs take a long time to write. Usually it starts with something that’s on my heart, or something I’m writing about in my journal. It will just feel like it could be a chorus to a song and then I figure out what I’m trying to convey and go from there.

Your music has a wonderful feeling of calmness. What are you trying to achieve with your music?

I just want my music to speak to people and give them hope and peace. I want it to speak of love without just saying “God loves you.” I want the music to be able to go into different realms, not just the “Christian” circles. A lot of my songs can just sound like love songs, which they are, but about God’s love for people, not just one person to another.

What’s your favorite song?

My favorite song in general? There’s no way for me to narrow that down! But I do really like artists like Ray LaMontagne, Fleet Foxes and Mumford and Sons. But, I also adore Journey, Heart, Aerosmith and other great oldies. Ha, I also love Bethel Music and most anything coming out of IHOP.

What venue to you prefer to play at the most?

At this point I’ll play wherever! But it’s always fun to play on a stage rather than in a coffee shop, but both have their perks.

How can fans purchase your music?

My music can be found on amazon.com, iTunes.com, MySpace, bandcamp.com and a few other major music purchasing places. You can also buy a CD from me at shows!

Do you have anything else to add?

I will be working on finishing my full length album within the next year with House Below Productions. Mitchell Maldonado and Josh Anderson are touring and recording with their band The Neverclaim, so it’s hard to get studio time, but be keeping your ears out for when that will be done!

Also shout out to my amazing husband Jon, and my family for supporting me, playing with me and helping me with whatever else! I couldn’t do any of this without their encouragement and love.

How can people find you if they want to book you for their venue?

People can email me or find me on Facebook. You can also follow me on Twitter!

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Interview from April 13, 2013

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