Music! Compelling Interviews! The Joy of Giving!

Exclaim Media had the pleasure of joining Living Ministries in Unifying the Community While Doing the Most Good for the second time at Christmas Angel Telethon 2012!

We are proud to announce that the editing has begun; we have started wading through 24 hours of footage to bring you the best moments of Christmas Angel Telethon.

In Part 1, we are glad to bring you Carl Wirkkala! We also have interviews with Captain Dave from The Salvation Army, Melissa Taylor with Council of Governments, Brenda Courser of Take Shape for Life and much more!

To learn more about Christmas Angel Telethon head on over to This annual event is meant to bless The Salvation Army’s Christmas Angel Community Center that served over 900 families with clothes, toys and food in the 2012 Christmas Season.

Check out this short clip of some of the best moments and then head on over to KLTV Channel 11 to see when they will play this show again. We are working on making it available online soon too! Contact us to arrange your online viewing of this great show.

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