Yes…we know this blog is late…but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make it any less EXCLAIMATIOUS!

If it wasn’t for Beverly Gilmore and her friends and volunteers, Christmas at The Salvation Army Longview-Kelso Temple Corps would be tremendously different (Christmas in Seattle only lasts 2 days to service many more people). For over 40 years this group of people have brought food, toys and clothes to local families with help from our community and people like ILWU Local 21.

For the last 3 years The Christmas Angel Community Center has been located at 1061 Industrial Way in Longview. Families are encouraged to call The Salvation Army at (360) 423-3992 to schedule an appointment to come and receive personal assistance and guidance through the center.

On this Connect the Dots, Karen guides us through the center and shows us How It Works! This episode aired on KLTV in early January. If you would like to see it again please contact KLTV and ask them to play it again. You may also Contact Us to arrange an online viewing…or purchase a disk!

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