Happy New Year! As we welcome 2014 and say goodbye to 2013 there are lots of reasons to think about the future and reminisce about the past.

I chose the phrase, “Choose Love,” for a message this month because it is so easy to forget to keep building your online presences during the holidays and when you are marketing your business and what you do you are showing that you love what you do and that you want to share it with others.

It has been like pulling my own teeth to stop giving into my desire playing with my nieces and nephews, my friends and family and even our cats Xavier, Lucinda, Wattsina and Seraphina who have benefitted from my presence during Christmas break a little more lately. But now it is time to focus on what is in front of me.

The plight of anyone who bases their existence on marketing…is that we spend so much time in the future and past that we forget to see the present while we build toward the goals of tomorrow and try to follow patterns of success in the past. I must admit I have enjoyed now A LOT the last few weeks.

It is time to come back and start looking forward again…and choose love for what I do…and also choose to love what you do if you expect me to work EXCLAIMATIOUSLY for you. I totally understand if you are handling your own marketing that it may be difficult to keep planning and pushing while you are busy cleaning up after the holidays and trying to implement your New Year’s Resolutions.

As a bit of inspiration for us all I want to share something with you: I was going through webstats for our clients today and I noticed that The Pet Works had a big jump in visitors to their site last month.

What was different?

They posted a wonderful coupon on their site and Facebook. I am sure they also talked about it in their other marketing venues because they too believe in a balanced marketing mix.

Why is this important?

The more people come to your website equals more opportunity for more new clients. More people you can touch and make a difference in their lives and your own.

So “Choose Love” people. Love what you do. Tell people about it. Your passion will inspire someone. I am sure of it!

What are other ways you show your business and clients love? Let us know by commenting below or Contact us for more information.

This is Summer, signing off!

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