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As we sat in our 4th floor apartment at The Monticello, the first finished building in Longview, we had a bird’s-eye-view of Longview’s Annual Go Fourth Parade. I like watching the young people who are spectators waiting for their candy and yelling and screaming, and the children participating in the parade that are dancing and performing. The kids represent our future and they give us hope. The country was started on hope; hope for the future. We can learn so much from kids. One of the most important parts of the Declaration of Independence is the “Pursuit of Happiness”. If you need a definition of pursuing happiness, just watch a kid, watching the parade; They are excited, happy and loud!

I can’t help but wonder what R.A. Long, Longview’s founder, would think if he would have seen today’s parade. He loved change and growth. With the help of the all the founding fathers, he designed this beautiful city with the expectation that we would grow and learn to work together as a team to produce the best outcomes for the entire city. While constructing Longview, R.A. Long and his team had to remember to be versatile and allow a place for everyone to pursue happiness.

Today over 45,000 people will enjoy Longview’s Go Fourth Festival. People travel from all over the world just to be right here, in Longview, Washington; A city that started out as a vision, just like American did.

The founding fathers of The United States of America demanded certain liberties and were willing to die for them! It is important to remember to continue to grow and communicate with each other. The Go Fourth Parade offered a perfect example of team work when skilled laborers manipulated heavy equipment, while other laborers gave candy to eager children and local police officers on bikes kept up the morale and officers in cars protected volunteers who followed to tidy the streets as the parade moved forward.

As our country and our city was built, we must continue to build in order to create the future for our children so that they too, can proudly say they are “living the dream.”

Happy Independence Day for the 239th time!

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