Exclaim Media is pretty fascinated by Carl Wirkkala, a quiet man who only puts God and Family before his Music. The term Country Music has earned the type of flavor you either love or hate but Carl doesn’t really land in that definition; his songs are heartfelt, honorable and not hokey. Let’s just say, Carl Wirkkala is the ONLY country artist Summer listens to on purpose.

“I’ve been through the valley

Over a mountain or two

Out from the shadows

searching for things that are true”

– From Things That Are True by Carl Wirkkala

Carl has put out about 8 CD’s, several of which may be purchased on our Products page.

We were pretty excited to be informed of Carl’s CD Release Party at Hattie’s Restaurant in Castle Rock! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the best food in Castle Rock while listening to their best songwriter? The party was June 15th and we were excited to set up the camera on a tripod and let it work while we enjoyed great music, fantastic service and wonderful food!

We hope you enjoy this video of Carolina Girl. This song was written only days before the Castle Rock CD Release Party. This is the first time it was played for a crowd.

True to history’s past, Carl gave a great show! His soul sang out among twangy chords while he communicated in gestures with his band who joined him through each set. Between sets he would continue conversations he started with his wife and 3 young’uns with his eyes while he sang. We’re pretty sure Carl’s wife, Donna, brought all the kids so that Carl could sing their infant to sleep; because that is what happened…I know most parents don’t have  a 5 piece band to accompany them so we think that little Lucas is pretty lucky!

If you missed the show last week you can always mosey on over to The Electric Bean on Friday June 29th at 7:30 pm. We’ll be enjoying a latte and the amazing ambience and hope to see ya’ there!

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