Everyone has their story of abuse and healing.

“There will always be people in life that treat you wrong. Be sure to thank them for making you strong!” Zig Ziegler

This statement doesn’t say, seek abuse and stay in an unhealthy relationship.

Jesus said to bless those who curse you.

Basically this statement says to be grateful for learning how much stronger he made us to be.

Sometimes we should not have these conversations with the actual person who hurt us but speak to God as the one who carried you through and in our healing is the only connection between us and those who have hurt us.

God loves you AND the person that hurt you and our being thankful and hopeful for them releases God to heal them too, so they don’t hurt more people. It also releases us from the bondage of their ownership and reminds us that God is the only one that has ownership of us, and he does it perfectly, lovingly and without forgetting our free will.

Blessing our abusers is step four in true repentance which brings us closer to our own realization of our salvation:

  • Acknowledge our ability to sin
  • Confess our guilt
  • Be forgiven and thankful
  • Bless our offender
  • Live in our new revelation of freedom
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