Attic Ministries/Living Ministries Fund Raiser December 19-24, 2010 | Clemenson Enterprises, LLC

Attic Ministries, Exclaim Media and Living Ministries have joined forces to raise funds to help heal homelessness.

We are preparing to have a fundraiser at the Toutle River Southbound Rest Area to raise funds for helping those in need and to bless the travelers coming through the rest area. The funds will go to helping the homeless with basic necessities, resources to get addicts into rehabilitation centers around the state and administration costs.

We will be doing this event December 19-24, 2010.

The items we are in need of are:

  • Coffee
  • Creamer
  • Sugar Packets
  • Hot Cocoa Packets
  • Tea
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Stir Sticks
  • Cookies
  • We would also like to borrow a few coffee urns.

Any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated.

All funds donated will be split between Attic Ministries and Living Ministries to further our goal of helping heal the disease of homelessness.

Leslee Huhtala is our contact person for anyone wishing to volunteer or donate. Click here to contact her. Thank you!

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