It was a great day to be lost in Woodland and a perfect opportunity to get information about the Woodland Chamber of Commerce while we were at it! Thankfully Apple and Siri have made it easy to find ourselves and directions to where we intend to be only need to be Googled! So we found  Angel Wings Rescue pretty quick.

Our fellow Living Ministries committee member, Debra Lawson is a hoot! Of course there are no hours listed on her door because she is a shootin’ from the hip type of lady, but luckily she didn’t have an emergency that took her away and was super excited to meet us at the door with huge hugs and with great exuberance whisked us around her new place. She had recently relocated Angel Wings Rescue from her home and the animals were loving more space to roam (yes…we said roam…you can’t love an animal like your own if it is in a cage…so Debra doesn’t use them) and we were impressed with how much this office building could look like a home.

Our wonderful friend was putting finishing touches on lunch as Summer followed all the pets available for adoption so she could get pictures and interviewed Debra about the animals so she could add them to Angel Wings Rescue’s website…Karen was busy playing with active kitties and trying to help our exciting friend. Somewhere between Sour Kraut and Beef and walking dogs she presented a piece of paper with a drawing of what she wanted her business cards to look like…

Clients who know what they want make our lives SO EASY!

We are so happy to be able to help Debra build a marketing plan with a well-rounded marketing mix!

Angel Wings Rescue Animal Shelter
1531 Guild Road
PO Box 1447
Woodland, WA 98674

Feel free to call Debra at
(360) 841-8078

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