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Angel Wings Rescue is a group we hold close to our hearts. Partly because we love animals but mostly because we love the Director, Debra Lawson-Bean. Her heart is amazing and her joy is infectious! She loves the animals at her no-kill, no-cage shelter and it shows in the feisty, lovable and affectionate creatures that inhabit the place!

Right before Christmas, Debra hosted a Pet Adoption Event and invited EVERYONE to come and meet her furry friends, taste her delicious and homemade treats and if you fell in love, become the owner of a new furry friend. We were happy to be there and capture her at the end of her day, surrounded by cuddly kittens and talking about what she knows best.

Connect the Dots Featuring Angel Wings Rescue Holiday Love Pet Adoption 2012 aired in early January…we are still catching up on our blog entries…if you missed it, contact KLTV to request they air it again, or Contact Us to arrange an online viewing. You can also purchase a copy of the show.

By the way…we heard through the grapevine that Living Ministries is planning a fundraiser for Angel Wings Rescue. Do you like tea? Would you like to visit Myrtle’s Teahouse in Ridgefield? Want to help out the animals at Debra’s?

>>>Learn about The Furry Fundraiser Tea


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