Angel Wings Ministry Animal Shelter | Clemenson Enterprises, LLC

Sometimes you meet people because you need them in your life and beyond that relationship there are other opportunities. I kept running into this fantastic lady, visiting at a friend’s church, a benefit concert, Bark for Life…I kept running into this great lady; Debra Lawson-Bean.

Angel Wings Ministry Animal Shelter is in the home of our friend Debra. Debra’s house is home for LOTS of very loved, and well-taken-care-of animals. No matter what time or day she will take in animals that need love and attention. It is hard to tell the difference between the rescue animals and her own pets because she doesn’t differentiate. Sleepless nights with sick kittens, rescue missions and pet sitting for families going out of town can all happen in one busy day at Angel Wings Ministry and Debra meets it all with a happy heart.

As much love that flows through this humble woman’s home we thought that helping her out with a website was just a way to say thank you for all she does. Learn How to Help Angel Wings Ministry.

Angel Wings Ministry Animal Shelter
164 Cowlitz Gardens Road
Kelso, WA 98626
(360) 425-2191

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