and my heart was happy

while the angels sang

in words that only You can hear

Their cries rose out and over

encompassing this man

encompassing and overflowing

as Your messengers sang

You took him away and brought him back again

brand new

His eyes glowed and shone of Your mercy

clothed in Your banner of love

his spirit ever singing Your praise and Your grace

Oh holy Lord

Oh holy Lord

Oh holy Lord

You won

You are life

You are

As Your countenance shone through mine

You overflowed

Your love on all that were infiltrated by Your miracles

who foresaw and believed

with empty hands and full hearts

they sang with me as I was embellished

who You are

as You chose to prove who You are

I heard my soul singing

in our secret prayer songs

and I groaned


By Summer D Clemenson

Dedicated to Lynn’s Brother

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