This last week has been a crazy one. You may or may not have noticed a few changes in your website. Due to a hack on WordPress websites, if you have a WordPress website, Summer has been feverishly updating a few things.


We have changed all passwords. Whether it is the one that Exclaim Media uses to access your site, or yours, everyone got new passwords. These passwords are harder to guess and most importantly, different this week.

Admin Accounts

All users that had the username admin have been deleted and new users have been installed. While we were in there we changed all names of admins to the name of the business/organization/author so all blog entries and pages now say they were written by those entities. The exception was made for websites that want to have a person’s name on particular articles.

Unused Administrator Accounts

If user accounts are never used because Exclaim Media does all your website maintenance, user accounts have been deleted. Don’t worry, if there is a change and you want to start maintaining or help updating, just contact us and within a matter of minutes we can have your new user put in place and ready to write!

Added Security

We have installed new security in on all sites that will limit the number of times you can fail at logging in before you can be locked out of your site for a time. If you have entered the wrong username or password up to 3 times, you will now be locked out for 30 minutes. After you have been locked out 3 times you will be locked out for 24 hours.

Once you have been locked out of your site the first time, Exclaim Media Support will be emailed and most likely you will be contacted.

We also removed any plugins you are not using.

We have additional security options available. Please Contact Us to arrange a consultation if you would like to learn more.

What can you do if you are locked out?

Don’t keep trying to log in with bad information. Each number of times you are locked out will cause the time you are locked out to grow longer. Contact Support to update information.

Please remember, this change has not been established to make your life harder, it is there to protect your website from hackers. When we read about the hack that had been created to attack WordPress sites we began working to implement some basic security. Sites were down on more than one occasion for short periods of time. For that we apologize. Your email accounts were never affected.

What do you do if you can’t see your website?


Click here to see what your screen may look like.

Please contact us at or call 503-395-8664. Have your IP address handy (it will be on your screen). We will need it to take care of the problem.


If you have any concerns or questions we would be glad to talk with you about that if you Contact Us.

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