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We have known Amanda Wilson for years and it was over coffee one day that we realized she was very unhappy with her website and her hosting company. When you are running a business, especially a sole proprietorship, while being a wife and mother of 5 children you don’t have time to deal with complicated content management systems.

Amanda Wilson Portraiture was stuck with a website that was limited; there were some aspects she could do nothing about. She also was paying a lot for hosting.

It was a pretty natural step to help her with her website. We suggested she look into the hosting company that we use: Not only would she have access to webstats and super customer service, great disk space and email but annually she would be paying only a quarter of the amount she had been paying.

Next we began to talk about what she wanted.

She had been playing with a blog that was not part of her website. It was cumbersome to her and she essentially was editing 2 websites. Her site was flash and could not be viewed from a smartphone. There were design aspects that she had no control over.

In the end we found her a theme that she can customize to the hills; most of which she can do herself. There is no flash on her site, but she has a movement on the home page. We brought the website content and the blog together in one place. We also set up an email address at her domain so she doesn’t have to market Yahoo anymore.

When we sat down to do some basic training to maintain her site she was excited! She is also not alone; when she gets stuck she can call and get help and although we do not offer hosting services, if needed, we will have no problem dealing with her hosting company for her because they are already in our speed dial! If she gets too busy and needs some help maintaing she also knows that our rates are reasonable and we can jump in the editing seat at any time.

Amanda Wilson is a Destination Photographer who serves Washington and Oregon. Her creativity and ability to be and encourage you to be natural helps to capture the most important moments in the best light.

Amanda Wilson Portraiture specializes in:

Amanda Wilson offers reasonable rates. Learn more about your Investment in Portraits.

We are pretty happy for Amanda! Congratulations!

Amanda Wilson Portraiture
1407 Commerce Ave, Suite 117
Longview, WA 98632
(360) 560-0064 

Read what Amanda Wilson has to say about her experience.

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