A blend for women.
Therapeutic Grade Alluring Blend Essential Oil aids in maintaining healthy emotional balance and skin.
  • Bergamot – may help relieve feelings of stress, tension and anxiety. Uplifting and refreshing aroma.
  • Cinnamon Bark – has antidepressant and stimulating properties.
  • Cistus Absolute – is stimulating to the sense of touch, sight and sound. May help quiet nerves and promote feelings of peace.
  • Cocoa Bean – has a pleasurable, soothing aroma.
  • Geranium – may help with emotional balance, liver and kidney functions and the discharge of toxins in the liver.
  • Jasmine Absolute – Uplifting to the emotions. Helps produce feelings of confidence, energy and optimism.
  • Patchouli – may help calm and relax, relieving feelings of anxiety.
  • Rose Absolute – is stimulating and elevating to the mind. Its beautiful fragrance is felt to be aphrodisiac-like in nature.
  • Sandalwood – may help alleviate feelings of depression and diminish one’s own egocentricity and help accept others with an open heart.
  • Vanilla Bean Extract – may induce feelings of calm and reduce tension.
  • Vetiver – has antispasmodic and locally warming properties. Has been valuable in relieving stress and helping people recover from emotional trauma and shock.
  • Ylang Ylang – has calming and sedative properties. Promotes feelings of self-confidence, joy and peace.
A completely natural fragrance that is compelling to the senses. Great cologne for both women and men.
Alluring Blend Essential Oil has a subtle aroma that enhances the aura of beauty, femininity and allure.
Blends well with Mood Lifting Blend and Detoxification Blend Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
Common Primary Uses:
Topically: Add 5-6 drops to 1 Tablespoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil for massage.
Wear as a perfume
Aromatically: Diffuse in diffuser of your choice or inhale the aroma directly.

How Can You Try It?

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