As we slipped into November Karen and I have been very busy but I was sure we needed to EXCLAIM something…so as she fell asleep at my feet last night, I again, asked her what we should write about. Struggling to open her eyes, she said, “Why don’t we EXCLAIM Thanksgiving?”

DSC00512Just minutes earlier, she had talked me into turning off The Late Show and going to bed, but fell asleep before she could make her dreams come true…or move so I could get off the couch without having to climb over her. In those few moments, my brain turned back on and reminded me that I never run out of things to do. So with some grumbling, “Do we have to do this now? Oh, I missed my chance!” Karen and I came up with 30 things we are so THANKFUL for in Longview, Washington.

  1. R. A. Long and our founding fathers
  2. Eclectic restaurants
  3. Beautiful parks
  4. Artistic squirrel bridges
  5. Our stately library
  6. Cowlitz Black Bears
  7. Longview Parks & Rec
  8. Historical Downtown Longview
  9. Lake Sacajawea
  10. So many places to express our religious freedom
  11. Generous people in Cowlitz County
  12. The Monticello Hotel
  13. Kelso-Longview Chamber of Commerce
  14. Quality education opportunities
  15. Strong police force
  16. A City Council that listens to the people
  17. Lower Columbia College
  18. Longview Stageworks
  19. Project Homeless Connect
  20. ZoJo Coffee
  22. Great Shopping
  23. SCORE
  24. Numerous banking opportunities
  25. High school sports
  26. The Sweet Spot
  27. Amazing local music
  28. Wonderful variety of gyms and places to workout
  29. Tons of volunteer opportunities
  30. Longview’s strong history and future

With so much to be thankful for, just in the town we live, it is easy to remain thankful and realize how rich we are. We hope that you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

We challenge you to take a moment and make your own list; in your list you will see your wealth. If you would like to comment below, we would be excited to hear what you are thankful for too!

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