1) You can do it yourself.

Free sites save money…or do they?

  • How many more hours will you be pouring into your free site this week and not into what you do best?
  • Do they have representatives that will help you with your content and keywords?
  • Can you move your site if you want to change your hosting company?

We know you can do it yourself…But you don’t have to create your own web site or video. Because we know you can do it yourself we are even more inspired to make your website design & videography experience a good one.

2) We are local.

Our latest client had a nice looking website. She had decent web stats. She had the programs necessary to update her site and had been trained to do it. However she didn’t feel confident that she could make the changes she really wanted….and her previous webmaster wasn’t close by and readily available.

Exclaim Media’s clients have the luxury of texting, emailing, calling or even meeting at ZoJo for great coffee and personal attention for their marketing needs.

We want to be seen as professional, but because we genuinely care about Desiree Ouellette, we also know that her husband Matt, works for JH Kelly and he was a huge help while The Monticello Hotel was undergoing a great change during filming of Hotel Hell, with Gordon Ramsay. This fact may not edify Holos Yoga, but it is important to Desiree.

3) We care.

We want to build a relationship. We do want to build your website & maintain it, but first we want to get to know you. People and their businesses are dynamic. If we build a relationship with you, we will know better how to serve you.

Many times we already know what the client wants before they do. This doesn’t stop there, however. We also know what they need AND that website design is important, but that is just a starting point.

A website should live, breathe and evolve just like your business, organization or hobby (have you checked out Jamie Chases Butterflies?).

Building relationships not only leads to better service for the client but it builds our local economy. Friends, refer friends…which not only builds Exclaim Media, but our local businesses and infrastructure because Karen and Summer live, shop and play right here in Cowlitz County.

Contact Us today for your free consultation. Let us EXCLAIM the best parts of you 75,000 times!

Play this slide show to see screen captures of some of the websites we have built.

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